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Menu: Start – Programs – ZAV learning – icon “ZAV-1st level”

Up to 8 students can use one computer to learn touch typing independently. For school learners using the ZAV school version we recommend adding another learner (except for those registered beforehand as “daughter”, “mother”, etc.). This enables to transfer the learning course from school to the place of residence and vice versa (using a “transfer password”).

Please install with the file „ZAV1_fr_setup.exe“. Afterwards, PC lessons number 1 – 87 will be available. After unlocking the course you will be able to go through all 600 exercises – complete class 1. Please, always interrupt the learning course after displaying a new exercise which you either do not want to do or which you have not started doing – you interrupt the program by Escape – File – End or by double Alt + F4 (this option will display the data necessary for the course to be transferred between the school and the place of residence).

Key and lock:

You can open the whole course (1 level equals 600 exercises) with a key which you can access at after you have sent: • The invoice/course fee • The lock.

You access the lock after you have started the learning program by choosing File – Key input or Help – Key input. The lock consists of 6 + 1 letters (e. g. ABCDEF-G).

If school pupils/students or organisations wish to have discount, they simply get the key from their teacher or an entrusted organisation representative.

Add a new pupil/student:

If your home installation cannot automatically create an STU-file that is identical with your school identification (e. g. Newman John, abbreviation 1A_12345), it is necessary to find out the exact identification of a pupil/student (as it is shown during classes at school, e. g. Newman John), the abbreviated identification of a pupil/student (e. g. 1A_12345) and the number of the last exercise done in the lesson at school. All the 3 items of data will appear on the screen if the lesson at school is finished with double Alt + F4. After unlocking home learning course (File – Key input – put in the 6-letter key – press OK after confirming “Key in the lock”) it is necessary to interrupt and close the program once, and after a new start, a “Create my own STU” icon appears under the Help option. If you choose “ONCE” you will be able to add data from school. Before you confirm the data, double check their correctness as even a little divergence (e. g. the order of your name and surname “John Newman” instead of “Newman John”) could make the transfer using the password impossible.

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